The Cairns RSL Sub Branch and Cairns Business Women's Club are hosting an International Women's Day Lunch sponsored by the Queensland Government and YWCA Queensland at the Pullman Reef Hotel Casino on Thursday 8 March 2018 starting at 11:30am.

In the first ever event of its kind, the Cairns RSL Sub Branch will be auctioning off four veterans' who are currently in the process of transitioning from the Australian Defence Force. Local employers will be given the opportunity to bid for a veteran to come and work for their business for one day. It is hoped that this initiative will see a number of veterans' successfully gain employment. The auction will take place during the event and all employers are invited to participate in the bidding. All proceeds from the auction will go to providing support to our veterans in the local community.

Our guest speaker is Natalie Colbert who has not only had a successful career in the male dominated Australian Defence Force, but has gone onto becoming a successful business woman in her own right, and continues to volunteer her spare time to advance the welfare of veterans. Natalie served in the Royal Australian Air Force for twenty-two years as a Logistics Officer, including a deployment to East Timor. During her career, Natalie was exposed to the many unique aspects of the Defence industry, mainly within the logistics/engineering and financial environments. She has gained substantial experience in tactical, operational and strategic logistics management, the development of Defence capability requirements, and the Defence acquisition process. Natalie now has eight years of corporate experience as the founder and CEO of CanPLAY Pty Ltd, which employs 42 staff.

Last year's sold out event saw a strong representation of men - we hope to see the same again this year. If you are a Sub Branch or Defence member please select Cns RSL Sub Branch when purchasing your ticket. Tickets can be booked through the CBWC website below. For further information please contact the Cairns RSL Sub Branch on 4051 5254. We look forward to seeing you there!


Andrea Wheeler aka "the Promo Queen"

Andrea served in the Australian Army for eleven years and was deployed to Solomon Islands, three tours to Afghanistan and one tour to the Netherlands/Ukraine.

1. Why did you volunteer to be auctioned off? Because I wanted to advocate for current members transitioning out to showcase that we are highly trained, professional and can be an asset to a variety of civilian employees.
2. Why should someone bid for you? Because I can bring qualities and attributes to their business that they may not have experienced before. I'm adaptable to new learning outcomes and can visualize an end state to achieve any tasks that are sent my way.
3. What are your passions and core values? First and foremost, honesty and integrity is a massive part of military culture. I still live by and uphold these values; initiative, courage, teamwork to name a few. I have a strong passion for fitness and health and to always look forward in life. We are here to learn, grow and gain as much experience as we can to fulfil a purpose.

Timothy Bell aka "the man of many talents"

Tim joined the Royal Marines three days after leaving school in 1982. Since then he has served with the Australian Army and is currently serving with the Royal Australian Navy. He has seen deployments to Northern Ireland, Cyprus, Falkland Islands, Middle East, Somalia, Solomon Islands and Border Protection Operations. A little fun fact about Tim - he can speak fluent Arabic and is a translator.

1. Why did you volunteer to be auctioned off?First to spotlight the Cairns RSL Sub Branch in its work with the veteran community. Secondly, as a member who is shortly leaving the Defence, after 36 years of service, I viewed it as an excellent opportunity to meet people in the wider world.

2. Why should someone bid for you? A buyer will be getting far more than meets the eye. My skill set reaches across a large canvass and I think any buyer will be surprised.

3. What are your passions and core values? My passion is education and training for all. The core values of military life are honesty, integrity and loyalty. After serving in the Defence Force for 36 years these values are ingrained in me and are a part of who I am today. I also strongly believe in fighting for the underdog.

Fi Gallacher aka "The energizer bunny"

Fi served in the Australian Army over 12 years and was deployed to East Timor and Afghanistan. Although no longer serving full time she is a reservist for 51st Battalion, The Far North Queensland Regiment.She is currently employed as a personal and group fitness coach at Total Fitness Management and has volunteered her services to the winning bidder for one day. The winner will get a corporate wellness package for one day. This will include: health assessments, one-on-one sessions, group fitness and educational seminar.
Qualifications:* Certificate III & IV in Fitness* Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach * Metafit Instructor
1. Why did you volunteer to be auctioned off?To raise awareness for the veterans struggling to get civilian work since leaving the Australian Defence Force. Many of us don't get formal qualifications during service but we do have other qualities instilled in us from the very first day of our training. Teamwork is one of them, you never let anyone struggle with a task alone and often never have to ask for help, your mates just step in when they see it's needed.
2. Why should someone bid for you?I'm extremely adaptable, ready to be challenged and passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals.
3. What are your passions and core values? A good attitude. It's infectious and can bring a team together. I love keeping fit and will drag anyone along if they show the slightest interest!

Matthew Payne aka "the Donk"

Matt served in the Royal Australian Navy from 2005 - 2017 and prior to that was in the Australian Army from 1998 - 2004. Whilst serving Matt was deployed to East Timor.

1. Why did you volunteer to be auctioned off? The Cairns RSL Sub Branch does amazing work in our community supporting veterans and their families. They are also passionate about leading the way in change. This auction is a great example of the Sub Branch implementing an initiative to broaden what people think of when they think veteran. I believe in what the RSL stands for and this is my way of giving back.
2. Why should someone bid for you?Why wouldn't they???? I always give 110% no matter what. I'm very reliable and not afraid to get down and dirty. Believe it or not, common sense and initiative still exists - in me! Also I have heaps of really good stories.
3. What are your passions and core values? My kids are my passion and I firmly believe in loyalty, honesty and being reliable.
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