Preliminary Information - The Wartime Treasure Hunt will begin Tuesday 10 October and end Monday 13 November.  The Treasure hunt is a skill-based competition and chance plays no part in the determination of the winning team. 


Eligibility- The treasure hunt is open to any student or member of a school, junior sporting group, or community youth group. 


How to enter the Treasure Hunt-  Your team must be registered by Friday 6 October.  Registrations after this date will not be accepted. To register your team, contact the Cairns RSL Sub Branch admincairnsrslsubbranch.comau or 4051 5254.


How to compete in the Treasure Hunt -  During the hunt period, teams compete against one another to find the secret location revealed in the Inspire section of The Cairns Post.  To register an entry, you must:

  1. Ensure your team is registered
  2. Purchase the Cairns post every Tuesday over the hunt period
  3. Go to the site featured in the Inspire section of the Cairns Post
  4. Take a photo of yourself and/or an item of your team’s uniform at the site
  5. Upload the image to our Facebook page with #wartimetreasurehunt #School,cluboryouthgroupname.

Entries must be submitted for each week by the following dates. No entries will be accepted after this point:

  • Week One Monday 16 October at 12:00am EST
  • Week Two Monday 23 October at 12:00am EST
  • Week Three Monday 30 October at 12:00am EST
  • Week Four Monday 6 November at 12:00am EST
  • Week Five Monday 13 November at 12:00am EST


Submission Requirements -  The Entries submitted to Facebook may not contain references which are obscene, crude or vulgar, references to commercial products, license plate numbers, phone numbers, personal addresses (physical or email), derogatory characterizations of any ethnic, racial, sexual or religious groups, behaviour or conduct, or any other references that could be considered inappropriate, unsuitable or offensive, as determined by the Cairns RSL Sub Branch, at its sole discretion. Submissions should be original works, and not copied, forged, manipulated or altered. Submissions of Entries which are incomplete, inaccurate, irregular in any way, or otherwise not in compliance with these Official Rules are void.


Scoring and Winner Selection

  1. One entry = One point. Each team must have a minimum of one entry per location. The team that submit the most legitimate and accurate entries, as determined by the Sub Branch staff, will win the Grand Prize of $1000 to be presented to the school, club or youth group. 
  2. The winner will be announced in The Cairns Post and presented with a large cheque. 
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