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“Cairns RSL Sub Branch is undertaking a Young Veteran Coordination Initiative (YVCI) project to better assist Young Veterans. 
The will YVCI will achieve 3 things.

  1. The YVCI will tell us who Young Veterans are in the Cairns Region.  How many Young Veterans there are, are they male or female, when did they serve, are they married and so on.
  1. The YVCI will tell us what Young Veterans need.  Do they need assistance with employment, housing, relationships, physical health, mental health or financial management.
  1. The YVCI will tell us what support there is in the Cairns region for Young Veterans.  What organisations support Young Veterans, how are they funded, what are the criteria to get assistance, what assistance do they provide and so on.

If you have any feedback or would like to have your say about Young Veterans in Cairns please complete the survey or send us an email to infocairnsrslsubbranch.comau for more info.
Young Veterans are defined as anyone who was enlisted in the Australian Defence Force on or after January 1st 1999.”








Young Veteran Coordination Initiative
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